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I am no Ivan to laugh at

The following walk into a bar: a programmer, a chess player, a guitarero, a pythonista, a badminton player, a poet, a comedian, Mr. Olympia 2012, a King of France, Snow White’s 5th dwarf, a world chess champion, Soviet chess team 7th board, an author of the bible, a Garde-Marine, a Veteran of the Civil War, a pilot, Captain Wrongel, a guardian of the galaxy, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friend, a panda, agent 007, a monster hunter, a god of love in Mayan culture, vitamin C, inventor of the spoon, an avatar, a builder of the pyramids, a mammoth hunter, a Nobel Prize winner in computer science, a world bowling champion, a domain merchant a reptilian, an emperor of humanity, a bard, x-man, an archchancellor of heaven’s university, and a savior of the world in general and Turkmenistan in particular.

To which the bartender says: “Ivan, go to hell”.